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This gallery features images that illustrate women's body issues such as menstruation, body image and ideas of privacy - how the body is shown or hiden and why.

Margaret uses still-life, costume and symbolism to articulate her message.

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These gallery photographs include tasteful artistic nudity. If nudity offends you, or if the laws in your country do not permit you to view these, then do not enter. All the women models were over the age of 18 years at the time the photographs were taken.

The gallery images are small thumbnails for web viewing only.

High quality prints may be bought from my shop.

Images are for personal use only. Making additional copies without payment to Margaret Kalms is a breach of copyright.

If images are desired for publication, a royalty reflecting the size of publication must be negotiated.

Images are copyright of Margaret Kalms.

Professional models supplied by Glamour Girls modeling agency.