Art of Woman

Posing Secrets - Volume 1 and 2

Malcolm Boone takes you into his studio to learn from his extensive experience. This tutorial is like being there with him, learning from a portrait professional. It is a virtual look over his shoulder to see how he sets things up, how he balances light and poses the groups.

Do you want to take portraits of friends and family looking relaxed?

Do you become uncomfortable or awkward when photographing people you do not know?

Learn how to give directions without your subject feeling “ordered around”. Learn how to take charge of a photo session with the confidence of a professional. You will learn how to produce the professional results very quickly.

This is a reasonably priced package that can make a huge difference to your people photography.

Posing Secrets Volume 1
Posing Secrets Vol 1_200

Posing Secrets Volume 2
Posing Secrets Vol 2_200