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Photography Concentrate - The Creativity Field Guide

Over 100 ideas to get your creative juices going. Keep your photography fresh.

Become inspired. Develop your strengths and expand your ideas. Give your photos a new ‘edge’. Create new and exciting work that stretches all your previous best photos. Re-invigorate your photography with that special something.

Creativity Guide


Phone Photography Tricks

This tutorial by Carl Hartman is similar to “Trick Photography and Special Effects” except that it can be done with iphones and smart phones.
Get past all the snobbery around expensive cameras and show your friends that you have imagination and skill! I like the democracy of this tutorial - anyone can create amazing photos that impresses your friends. It is well written and easy to follow with lots of practical examples that use everyday objects in imaginative ways.
There are lots of great ideas to keep you experimenting for years to come. You will learn to do things that you never thought was possible with a phone camera. Build your confidence in photography with these easy lessons that you can practice anywhere.

I love these skills because I always have my phone, but I do not always have my DSLR!!

Which is the best camera? The camera that you have with you!!

Phone Photography Tricks!
phone photography tricks 200

Landscape Photography Guide

Kajo Merkert is an award winning photographer who work was selected by Tourism NSW!
Go beyond the tourist snap! Learn how to plan your photography to give you the best opportunity for success.
I am privileged to promote his work with this digital tutorial. His workshops usually cost $299! Now you can access the same information in this tutorial package which takes you step by step through planning, equipment, background information, permissions and locations.
This is a practical tutorial full of practical information.
Landscape Photography Guide!
Landscape Photography Guide

Wildlife Photography

I love getting out into nature but have often been frustrated with my nature photography. Finally, an affordable course that covers all the essentials in an easy readable format. This is a great package with loads of practical and easily implemented tips. If you follow this course your wildlife photography will improve dramatically giving you truly remarkable photos to remember your adventures.
Creating amazing wildlife photography gives me more enthusiasm and inspires me to want to go out and about with my camera much more often.
Capture the excitement of hunting - without harming any wildlife. Trophies that you can proudly hang on your walls!!

Some of the topics covered:
  • Recommended equipment and accessories for wildlife photographers -- and you might be surprised how little you really need to get started.
  • Shooting techniques that help you capture a clear image using your digital camera's basic camera settings and a variety of shooting techniques.
  • Everything you need to know about image composition - this is the stuff that sets you apart from the amateur photographer: rule of thirds, perspective, and some specific details to help you capture wildlife portraits.
  • How to research your subject before you head out, so you know what to expect and can better plan your shots, as well as different types of wildlife photographs and how to prepare to best capture each.
  • Learning how to use creative composition to improve your wildlife photographs, from framing your subject to incorporating the background as an intentional part of your photo.
  • Learning to be in the right place at the right time to get your wildlife photos.


Learn Photo Editing

Learn Photo Editing

This set of tutorials takes photo editing to the next level. People who already have some experience with photoshop will learn a lot. There are detailed instructions on processing RAW, controlling white balance, layers, exposure, HDR and many more.

This tutorial goes beyond the usual ‘everyday’ techniques to give you control over all aspects of your image. These skills enable you to develop your creativity to a whole new realm.

Learn Photo Editing!

X-Factor Photography

Gerald Soh is a Korean photographer who tells of his rocky start in photography. He has learned to put the X-Factor into his photography and now has a successful business. His secrets are available as an ebook, “The Photography X-Factor - the secret shortcut to snapping professional photographs”.

X-Factor Photography!

Trick Photography and Special Effects

Ever wanted to take awesome photos so that people would go “WOW”?

Evan Sharboneau demonstrates that photography is about imagination and ideas and he has no shortage of ideas. You do not have to buy expensive equipment to create amazing photos. This package contains a 292 page ebook and 9hrs of video tutorials with detailed instructions on all the techniques described. The book is comprehensively illustrated with setups, diagrams and final results. You see what you can achieve. The instructions are easy to follow and use simple equipment. You will be able to try these techniques out immediately.

If you have a digital SLR camera you will be able to use these techniques. Even many small cameras can be used, provided they have a manual setting.

Some of the tricks are a bit gimmicky, but they are great fun to try. The results will impress your friends too! Use your imagination to apply these special effects to express yourself through your photography.

Start creating awesome photos like these!!

TPSE2 promotional image

Trick Photography and Special Effects!