Art of Woman

Sculptor, Tanya Menzies

"Beaded Nude"

Introducing Tanya Menzies, a sculptor who grew up in country Australia. She has a degree in Graphic Arts from Charles Sturt University. She has worked in the photographic industry and edited and designed the newsletter for Wagga Wagga Art Society.

She has created shimmering sculptures out of wire mesh, decorated with beads that sparkle like jewels. She is inspired by the female form and ideas of motherhood. Tanya was raised on a farm near Ardlethan. Born an artist, she was often in trouble for stealing pieces out of her father's shed to make fanciful mobiles, wind chimes, sculptures and anything else artistic she could dream up. After finishing school Tanya completed a BA in Graphic Design at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga. In the course of her studies she worked on the student newspaper and as a freelance graphic designer. After graduating Tanya worked for a number of years in the photographic industry, restoring and manipulating photographic images. She also worked with the Wagga Wagga Art Society as their newsletter editor and in-house designer.

Along with her husband, Tanya has now returned to the land and the life she loves most. With a son and daughter aged five and three respectively, and a revitalising place to call home, life has come full circle. Tanya is looking forward to the next phase with all the creativity, passion and love she can muster.

She describes her work:

Although my interest ebbs and flows from one artistic venture to the next, I have been held for some time by the endless aesthetic qualities and possibilities of wire and wire mesh. More recently, the magic of beads has come into play. My preference for these materials has combined with my recent life experiences in the current body of work.

Essentially, the work is an exploration of womanly creation - what it is to create a new life, give birth and become a mother. There is no doubt that the experience can be emotionally and physically overwhelming, but it is also magic in its purest form. The work is intended to reflect this. It is unapologetically feminine and celebrates an experience that lives with a woman forever.