Art of Woman


Tonight I saw beautiful fireworks, FM 104.7 Skyfire 20 in Canberra. It was a wonderful explosion of light and colour. The blasts were so powerful, they could be felt throughout the body, the booms pounding along with my heart. Many different types of fireworks were displayed, co-ordinated in a spectacular performance with precision timing, creatively set to music played by FM104.7. Dandelion balls, spikes, fountains, hearts, showers and rays in many vibrant colours lit up Lake Burley Griffin and delighted the crowd of thousands.

The display reminded me when my children were in school. I told them they could be and do anything in life as long as they did it well. One of my sons chose to challenge me by saying, "I want to blow things up!". I told him if he did it very well, there are many jobs he could do. Tonight was a beautiful example - a pyrotechnic! This is an extremely skilled and responsible job requiring technical and creative ability. There is a demand because there are numerous public festivals that have fireworks. Pyrotechnics give thousands of people great joy!

Photo copyright Margaret Kalms