Art of Woman

Naked Flames - Escape ArtFest 2009

This spring has been unusually cold. It was clear that the number of visitors to Escape ArtFest were down on previous years. Even some of the hotels had “Vacancy” signs. Despite this, Naked Flames was well received and the opening was well attended.

Again there was an interesting variety of arts - textiles, sculpture, paintings and photographs.

The theme of Naked Flames was articulated in various ways. Jodi Stewart had passionate lovers embracing in private to contrast with Barbie Robinson's public kiss in Paris. Pauline Mager's photographs of women were imaginative fantasies that contrasted with Malcolm Smith's more direct, sharply articulated and carefully constructed style. Ian Baird had a candid photograph of a group of revellers enjoying an evening show. Richard Lamond and Paul Haslam created amazing flame sculpture with wood and metal that reminded me of the destruction of forests, yet it had a symmetry and grace that reminded me of a Lotus blossom. Alan Baptist's skill with drawing was a delight to behold. His work is amazingly detailed. Marie Lund showed the secret love of bees deep within flowers.

There were many other interesting artists at this well received show.

Here I am with two of my images at the opening.