Art of Woman

Mother's Day

"The Virgin Mother", by Damien Hirst.

I'm not sure why Damien Hirst called his sculpture, "The Virgin Mother". Women cannot become a mother when a virgin. Sunday 13th May was Mother's Day in Australia. Mother's Day is a time for remembering all the special things our mothers have done for us. It is a time of families getting together
a time to appreciate relationships. It is an irony that so much advertising takes over Mother's Day. It can feel like just another excuse to make us buy more stuff.

There would be no motherhood without women's fertility cycles. Blood marks our fertility when we mature and become a woman. Blood also marks infertility by indicating to a woman that she did not become pregnant that month. During pregnancy, the bleeding cycles cease while the baby develops. When the pregnancy comes to full term, then the baby is born in blood.

The photo is a sculpture in London, "The Virgin Mother", by Damien Hirst. It shows the amazing way a baby is created within a woman, completely rearranging her body.