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Sexual health and christianity part 2

The entry I wrote yesterday was about a guest speaker that visited my church. The usual preaching at my church allows much more room for individual thought and for God to guide and direct. The sermons emphasise christian morality and integrity..........

The Bible is quoted and Jesus' actions are discussed. There is a special time during each service after the sermon/message where the congregation is invited to think about the issues and how God is speaking to us individually. We even have special message cards that people can fill in if they want to discuss things further with the pastors or elders. So the church I attend does not demand specific actions. It offers direction and guidance. This approach allows each of us to have a personal and dynamic relationship with God. We are able to respond to God individually.

Our church does support sexual health along with all types of healthy living. For example; three of our women supported a calendar that raised funds for Women's Centre for Health Matters. Many of our missionaries support sexual health and hygiene, helping mothers and babies, and supporting several homes for children with AIDS/HIV. Of course, safe sex practices will reduce the need for orphanages.