Art of Woman

Breast Implants

Today "The Canberra Times" warns its readers about loans for breast implants. Australians are servicing record debt yet more women want to add to their debt with cosmetic surgery. It is very sad to me that some women feel they have to place foreign substances inside their bodies in order to feel beautiful. Are these women succumbing to pressure from men? Many men make a big fuss about breasts. It is potentially tragic to put the family into debt for something that could scar and harm the woman or worse.

Surgery always carries risks. General anaesthesia involves risks. Placing any foreign objects into the body involves risk, and should be done with extreme caution and the best of medical care. Most breast implants are done for fashion or "body image" enhancement. Personally, I do not think fashion is something worth the risk of scaring or infection. There are cases of implants leaking, slipping, and moving within the body. These problems then require the woman to undergo further invasive surgery, endure considerable pain, sometimes with extended time off work and can result in large unsightly scars.

I would much prefer women to gain self esteem by the wonderful things they do, not by the way they look. I prefer my friends and colleagues to appreciate my good work and interesting personality and not judge me by the size of my breasts!!