Art of Woman

Monthlies Campaign

What is menstruation? What changes in a girl’s life when ''it'' first arrives? Monthlies is a fresh film exploring the period with humour and sensitivity.

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This is an exciting new film being produced. It is an educational animation designed to teach pre-pubescent girls about menstruation in a positive way. I can see this film helping millions of women all around the world. I fully support comprehensive and positive sex and reproductive education. This film will generate discussion about intimate health issues potentially saving many lives and averting suffering. Many adult women received negative messages about menstruation when they were growing up. This film will be healing for adult women too.

Today I donated to the production costs through crowd funding, Indiegogo. I am proud to support intimate woman's health and girls' reproductive health education. I love the concept of positive period awareness that overcomes yuck factor attitudes to menstruation. Congratulations, great work!