Art of Woman

Bare feet

Recently, I stayed in a hotel. When a guest stays in a hotel, it is important to feel ‘at home’ and relaxed. As I did not leave the building, I went to the hotel restaurant in bare feet. The concierge sent me back to my room to put my shoes on.

This is an interesting illustration of different meanings. I have travelled to many places, especially in Asia, where taking shoes off is a sign of respect and cleanliness. Yet this time, bare feet was seen as not good enough.

I think it is the notion of public and private space. The restaurant is in the hotel lobby and considered public space, because people can come off the street to patronise the restaurant. Whereas other parts of the hotel, such as the pool and spa, are considered private space, for hotel guests only and bare feet is acceptable there. In fact, I met a couple in the lift with bare feet, on their way to the pool (as indicated by their carrying of towels).