Art of Woman

AGAPE Home for AIDS children

Last night I made some jam. I sell the jam to my friends to raise money for people who work in AGAPE home, Chiang Mai, Thailand, a home for AIDS children and mothers. We have finally had some rain in Canberra Australia, so many home gardens have fresh fruit. Friends and neighbours donate fruit to me so I can make jam.

I support the work of an AIDS orphanage for several reasons:
  1. This is a practical way to demonstrate the unconditional love of Christ.
  2. People who are sick need care regardless of how they became sick. I am extremely opposed to health care aid that comments on a person's sexual history or orientation, parentage, behaviour or wealth. AIDS is a disease that touches all of these issues. Christ met people where they were at and met their need first.
  3. As a Christian, I believe that abortion is not God's perfect way, that it is killing human life (So is shooting people in Iraq). It is important to support homes for children who do not have families as a practical consequence of that belief. It is also important to assist single mothers for the same reason.

Unfortunately, the existence of soldiers and police are necessary in a world full of problems and are not illegal. Likewise, abortion is sometimes necessary in a world full of problems.

I will NEVER condemn a woman for making this heartbreakingly difficult decision. Botched illegal abortions actually kill more mothers and babies than when abortions are legal. According to Panamerican Health Organisation, "The abortion mortality rate is 0.2-1.2 per 100,000 abortions in countries where abortion is legal.The mortality rate in countries where abortion is penalized is 330 per 100,000."

I cannot see how making abortion illegal shows the love of Christ.