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New Mikvah, Jewish Ritual Bath in Giralang, Canberra

It was announced in The Canberra Times on Monday 17th January that a new Mikvah will open in Giralang in Canberra next month. A mikvah is a ritual bath that women take seven days after menstruation. This bath marks the renewal of physical relations with the woman’s husband. Orthodox Jewish couples do not touch each other during menstruation or for seven days after until the woman is made ritually pure. Many Orthodox Jewish women find this time of no touching a time of mental space. The women do not become sex objects for their husbands. The couple can get to know each other in different ways. The wife is given a rest from sexually performing. After the mikvah, the wife is able to return to physical relations with renewed enthusiasm.

This will make life easier for Canberra’s Orthodox Jewish community. It is the first mikvah to be built in Canberra. Until now, some Orthodox Jewish women would travel to Sydney or Melbourne each month in order to take part in the ritual purity bath after menstruation. A local mikvah will mean it will be easier to fulfil ritual purity requirements.