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Phoenix Prize for Spiritual Art 2007

Last night was the opening of the Phoenix Prize for Spiritual Art. There were 170 entries and the short listed ones are on exhibition at ANU School of Art Gallery from 5-28 April. It was my honour to photograph my friend, Pete Smith's entry. Gordon Bull, head ANU School of Art, announced last night that Pete Smith has won first prize!!

Pete Smith (left) with Gordon Bull (right) and "Transfiguration"
How exciting to know that my photography contributed to the winning entry!! The work is called "Transfiguration". It is a large white piece that fills a white wall. It is made of cable ties and shimmers in the light. Photographing it was a technical challenge. The shape reminds us of the crucifixion, but it could be interpreted as a tornado, an ethereal spirit, a beam of light or even a waterfall. The ties themselves look sharp and remind us of the crown of thorns, yet they are in reality very soft and fragile and transparent, reminding us of the spirit and of Christ's vulnerability.

Pete Smith.

Copyright: Pete Smith and Margaret Kalms