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Agape Home for AIDS children and other children's homes

Last night my husband and I went to a talk at church given by Dominik and Raylene Fechner. They spoke about their experiences in helping, building, administrating, and assisting volunteers in Agape Home, and other children's homes in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Dominik and Raylene Fechner are wonderful examples of Christian love in action. They have good news!! Because Agape Home now has access to anti retroviral drugs, there have been no deaths in three years!! That is amazing for a home for AIDS children.

Their next challenge is to teach the older children life and employment skills. It is exciting watching these lively and grateful children grow up. There are so many possibilities opening up for them. All they need to implement their ideas is the backing from caring, interested people to provide the business plans, the funding and the volunteer workers to implement them.

Domink teaching and enjoying the children.

Dominik teaching wood working skills.
The children made their own shelves to store their stuff. At first they measured their stuff - books, CDs, toys, nick knacks. Then they selected, measured and cut the wood. Finally putting the shelf together according to their own design.
This was the result. What cleaver children!

Shelves made by children.

Raylene has taught cooking and Dominik has taught BBQ skills.

The building project. Smaller home units for the older children. These units will be more like families with house parents, house rules, household tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Each will accommodate 6-8 teens.

To learn more about the work with children that Dominik and Raylene Fechner do, or to find out about volunteering contact them on:

PO Box 6
Sunsai Post Office
Chiangmai, Thailand 50210