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Abandoned baby

This week a baby was abandoned in a Melbourne hospital in Australia. One of our newspapers criticised the mother and vilified her for giving up her baby. Jeff Kennett, from Beyond Blue, a depression help organisation, was totally outraged by these comments. See article in The Age.He made the point that a person must be very desperate, depressed, afraid and under extreme stress to abandon a baby. The mother needs our sympathy and practical help. She may need medical treatment. Certainly she will not claim the child now. There is an assumption that it was the mother who abandoned the baby. This assumption may be wrong. Where is the father??? Did any other relatives or friends know about the baby? No-one lives in isolation. People close to the mother did not reassure her that she could cope with parenting a child. Even going through the legal process of adoption was too much for her. Perhaps she hid the pregnancy, we do not know. We know nothing about the mother's circumstances. She may be in grief from loosing her baby even if giving the child up is the best decision. I wish I could restore her joy and help her to heal.