Art of Woman

Enhancing Men

Today I cleaned out the email 'In box' on my computer. There was a lot of junk mail. Normally I just select them all and delete them. This time I paused a moment to ponder...

A couple of weeks ago, 14/08/2007, I wrote about breast implants and how sad it is that some women feel they have to have surgery on their bodies in order to be beautiful.

This week I am looking at the male equivalent in all those junk emails. So many of them were telling me how to enlarge my penis!
Again it is sad and exploitative to prey on men's insecurities about their bodies. These junk emails extract money for medicines and procedures that are not always properly tested and regulated.

For men to risk surgery or other manipulations of their most delicate of organs is a tragedy and a huge risk. There must be cases where things go wrong, where infection sets in or there is scaring or other complications. It is sad that people of either sex would cut their bodies and risk injury, pain and complications, in order to meet imagined standards of body shape. A truly loving intimate relationship will accept the unique characteristics of each other's bodies. A truly loving relationship does not need surgery to enhance it.