Art of Woman

Mamuli Gift

I recently met a lovely woman from Sumba, Indonesia. She was visiting Canberra for a short time. We discussed many interesting topics and we both discussed gender issues in our respective cultures. My soul was warmed by someone from another culture who was able to be frank and honest with me about sensitive issues.

She saw my art and encouraged me to continue exploring the meaning of womanhood and menstruation in many cultures. It was moving that my images spoke to her so strongly despite our different backgrounds.

When she left, she gave me a Mamuli pendant as a memory of our connection. I told her I will wear it to the opening of “Naked Flames” exhibition. Mamuli are symbolic representations of the vagina and are made with precious metal. They are treasured within families and are passed from mother to daughter as an heirloom or bride gift.

I will treasure this Mamuli. Thank you my friend from Sumba.