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World AIDS Day 2012

A chance to relax and enjoy life after the working day has finished saw me walking in the city of Sydney watching the evening light change. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a grand old lady all beautifully flood lit at night. Then I noticed this large banner for World AIDS Day proudly filling the space on the sandstone pylon. What a wonderful statement defiantly embellishing this world recognised icon! Finally AIDS has come out of the dark and is seen as a mainstream issue.

South Australian Minister for Health and Ageing, Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse, The Hon John Hill, MP affirms the need for us all to be vigilant and practice safe sex, safe injecting practices and take precautions to protect ourselves.

Although AIDS is spoken about much more freely than in the past, unfortunately, there are still people who think that AIDS is a behaviour problem. AIDS is a disease not a punishment. While certain behaviours can minimise exposure to any disease, including the common cold, we are all vulnerable because disease exists throughout our population. People who are sick need care and compassion regardless of how they became sick.

World AIDS Day banner on the pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
World AIDS Day banner on the pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge