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Last days of "Eye of The Beholder"

Leonie Pye opened the Eye of The Beholder exhibition of Belconnen Artists Network, at Belconnen Community Centre Gallery on 26 March 2014. Some people commented that it is an irony that a blind woman would open a visual arts exhibition. Artistic expression is a way of beholding that goes way beyond the visual and includes experience, emotions and ideas. Eye of The Beholder exhibition showcases many different viewpoints and ways of beholding highlight some of the diversity of human expression such as;

  • A portrait of Leonie Pye’s experience of beholding from her guide dog’s point of view, negotiating the hazards of life,
  • Viewing Lake Eyre from a bird’s eye view,
  • the camera becoming the beholden,
  • the repeating images from the eye of a bee,
  • owl’s eyes delicately drawn yet piercing,
  • a multi-facetted sunset to sooth the soul,
  • an modernist geometric reminiscent of Escher,
  • questioning the stereotype of artist and model.

The artists represented in this exhibition have a wide range of skills including photography, sculpture, painting, drawing and textiles. They have exhibited in Canberra, interstate and internationally.

Go and see the exhibition quickly, it closes on Friday, 4 April.

Margaret looking into Richards eye_8489 sm

Looking into a glass orb created by Richard Lamond. Inside the iris are many facets of mirror so when I looked in, I saw dozens of eyes flashing back at me. Looking inside to look at myself! Stunning.

Australia's Governor General visited TIME art exhibition

On Tuesday 19 March 2013, the Governor General Ms Quentin Bryce AC CVO attended “Your Community Our Community Seniors Expo” a celebration of Seniors’ Week in Belconnen Community Centre. She included viewing TIME art exhibition as part of this Expo.

TIME art exhibition is Belconnen Artists’ Network contribution to Canberra’s 100th birthday. We all count our birthdays from a babyhood to maturity, but time is a lot more than counting. Several artists have articulated how time affects our lives including the ageing process and death. Time does not stop with our death and the generations grow and continue and life evolves into new forms. Artists have a role in articulating abstract or difficult concepts. Many aspects of time are explored in this exhibition, revealing nuances beyond our normal everyday experience.

One notable artist is our oldest member, Rena McCawley, who is a skilled photographer and regularly exhibits with our group. She is nearly 97 and is a great example of active older age fully engaging with the community.

Ms Quentin Bryce met Rena McCawley. They spoke together for several minutes about a range of topics related to art, photography and becoming a senior. It was clear that Ms Bryce enjoyed seeing such an active and lucid senior artist.

Rena’s work, “Generations of Time” is an exploration of four generations. She has captured the joy and cheekiness of the child, the grace and joy of motherhood, the relaxed pace of grand parenting and the sense of triumph in ageing well. A family likeness flows through the composition like mirrors reflecting successively into the distance.

Other artists that met Ms Quentin Bryce were Diana Davidson, Pauline Mager and me, Margaret Kalms.

TIME art exhibition is being held at the Belconnen Community Centre Gallery until 28 March and will be opened by Dr Eva Papp from the Australian National University, Research School of Earth Sciences at 6:00pm on Wednesday 20 March 2013.

Ms Quetin Bryce talking with Rena McCawley talking about her photograph Generations of Time
Governor-General Ms Quentin Bryce AC CVO, Rena McCawley visit TIME art exhibition

Ms Quetin Bryce talking with Margaret Kalms talking about her photograph Once in a Blue Moon
Governor-General Ms Quentin Bryce AC CVO, Margaret Kalms visit TIME art exhibition crop

Ms Quetin Bryce talking with Rena McCawley and Margaret Kalms
Governor-General Ms Quentin Bryce AC CVO, Rena McCawley, Margaret Kalms visit TIME art exhibition crop


Time-Once in a Blue Moon-Margaret Kalms ©
Once in a Blue Moon

Belconnen Artists’ Network is excited to announce—TIME—an exhibition at the Belconnen Community Centre Gallery from 18-28 March 2013 (26 Chandler St, Belconnen).

TIME exhibition will be opened by Dr Eva Papp from the Australian National University, Research School of Earth Sciences at 6:00pm on Wednesday 20 March 2013.

The Belconnen Community Centre Gallery is open from 9–5 on week days from 18-28 March 2013.

This exhibition’s theme of time is most appropriate as Belconnen Artists’ Network’s contribution to the centenary of Canberra.

The artists have explored multiple facets of time in extraordinary ways through physical changes, analogy, symbology and philosophy; using a wide range of media such as photography, sculpture, painting, digital media and textiles. The meanings and impacts of time are expressed in personal ways reflecting how each artist responds to and interacts with time.

Some of the ways the artists describe their work are:
• Natural peaceful contemplation
• Direction
• Lost time
• A moment
• Aging process
• Life is finite
• Extinction/creation
• Geological earth time

Artists represented in this exhibition have a wide range of experiences and have exhibited in Canberra, interstate and internationally.

TIME builds on their successful exhibition in the Belconnen Arts Centre last year and positions Belconnen Artists’ Network as a significant artist’s group in Canberra.

The opening speaker, Dr Eva Papp has experience interpreting visual imagery with remote sensing, multispectral imagery and mapping. Her deep knowledge of geological time gives her experiences of time on an expansive scale. It is a great honour to welcome Dr Eva Papp to the Belconnen Community Gallery to open the Time exhibition.

TIME - review by Margaret Kalms

Download an invitation for the exhibition and opening on 20 March at 6:00pm.

Map showing the location of Belconnen Community Centre Gallery. Note: it is near the library and ACT government shopfront.

Map of Belconnen Community Centre Gallery

Opening of "Belconnen Ways" exhibition

On Sunday, BeAN (Belconnen Artists’ Network) proudly opened its annual art exhibition, “Belconnen Ways”. It is held at the Church Gallery at Gold Creek in Canberra. Thirty works of 13 artists are on display, articulating their unique experiences of living in Belconnen. BeAN always produces a show with varied works and this year is no exception.

The Church Gallery is a small heritage cottage behind the George Harcourt Inn. It is surrounded by mature trees and lawns which create a peaceful setting.

As you come in the door, you are greeted by a mannequin wearing unique chic clothing made from a textile called Ozifelt, a blend of merino wool and silk. This fabric is soft to touch, light to wear and warm, yet does not feel too hot in summer. A perfect fabric to wear during changing seasons. These clothes are designed by Sue Berger.

Along the walls are photos by Jimalyn Lawless, Margaret Kalms, Pauline Mager and Nancy Hamilton. These photos show aspects of Belconnen in unexpected ways, some showing themes that are often overlooked. Paul Haslam and John Hamilton have thought provoking collages. Also included are painting digital art, drawing and work with fire.

I have four photos in this exhibition.

Overall the exhibition is an experience to treasure.

Download the catalogue.