Art of Woman

Christmas 2015

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Christmas greetings to you all!
The Gospel of Luke tells us that Mary and Joseph travelled a long way to Bethlehem. When they finally arrived, tired and in need of rest, they found there was no room in the inn! It must have been an anxious time for Mary especially as she was due to give birth! Even with all our modern medicine, labour and giving birth are still dangerous times for both mother and baby. As Joseph knocked on the village doors, Mary may have been crying out in the pains of labour! It would have been distressing for all around to hear Mary’s pain.
The inn-keeper must have had compassion for Mary and Joseph because although he had no room in the inn, he offered what he did have, a stable.
This offer is reminds me of Europe this year. Thousands of immigrants have travelled a long way, under dangerous circumstances to find refuge. They are knocking on the ‘doors’ of Europe. Although some people are saying there is no room, many countries, towns and ordinary local people are compassionate and are making what provision they can. The immigrants are grateful for even humble dormitory style lodgings while they become settled. The immigrants are glad to be safe. Now they can learn the skills to build a new life.
Who is ‘knocking’ on our door this Christmas? Who is asking a favour from us?
We probably cannot solve our friend’s problems, but, we can do SOMETHING.
We can show we CARE.
I believe God simply asks us to do what we CAN.