Art of Woman

Julia Gillard states Tony Abbott's behaviour is misogynistic

Thousands of people around the world have seen the YouTube clip of Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard’s speech when she called the leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott a misogynist.

This was an amazing speech full of passion. It was the culmination of months of harassment by Tony Abbott. Misogyny is defined in the dictionary as someone who hates women. Tony Abbott has tried to defend himself by saying that he loves women. He gives examples of the women he loves, his wife, his daughters and his sisters. These are all family relationships and have an element of power involved. Of course Tony Abbott loves his wife when she is supportive of him. Of course Tony Abbott loves his daughters while he can be the authoritative father. Often brother and sister relationships are not equal in power.

What I am saying here is that filial or sexual love is not what Julia Gillard was talking about. Julia Gillard certainly does not want to become Tony Abbott’s wife or be treated like his daughter! Tony Abbott is happy to love women who are not his equal in power but he is outraged by Julia Gillard because she has more power than him. What Julia Gillard deserves is respect.

Throughout all of Julia Gillard’s Prime Ministership, Tony Abbott has show immense disrespect and has relentlessly tried to undermine everything she has done rather than respect her as the elected Prime Minister and leader of the country. He has not considered the needs of the Australian people, constantly thwarting the process of government. This is why Julia Gillard called Tony Abbott a misogynist - because he shown immense lack of respect.

I congratulate Julia Gillard for naming sexism and harassment for what it is - misogyny - that is, seeing women as less deserving and less important than men. I congratulate Julia Gillard for making a stand. The world now knows that she is a powerful woman deserving of respect.

I believe that history will be more considerate of Julia Gillard than parliament has been during her term. It would be wonderful if our politicians could get on with the business of governing the country and stop the insults and personality clashes.

I would like to see a parliament that is not misogynist, that takes women’s concerns seriously and gives women respect.