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ABC 7:30 ACT, formerly Stateline

Tonight is full moon, but we cannot see it in Canberra because it is raining and overcast. The full moon is celebrate in one of my photographs which was displayed as the background for a local current affairs program on TV, 7:30 ACT, formerly Stateline. How exciting is that! It was wonderful to see one of photos on TV! It is a cheerful photo that reminds us of the beauty all around us despite the current inclement weather.
Museum and Moon Reflections is part of an exhibition I’m working on in collaboration with Hazel Hall and Australian Poetry that will be shown next year. Last year a photo from the same theme was exhibited in “100 Views of Canberra”. A book of the exhibition of the same name was published by PhotoAccess, as part of Canberra’s centenary celebrations. This book is still available at PhotoAccess at Manuka Arts Centre.

Museum and Moon Reflections_Margaret Kalms

ABC Science - Reflections on the Moon Photo Competition

ABC Science has awarded my photo, “Rise and Fall”, a Highly Commended in the Winter Science competition “Reflections on the Moon”. It is 06 in the series.

The Moon is a long way away by human standards, but it has a profound influence on life and the ocean especially. Many fish breed in estuaries created by the rise and fall of the tides. There are many species that live on rocky shores that rely on the renewal of the tidal waters, animals such as oysters, sea anemones, sea urchins, starfish, cockles, crabs, fish fry, and numerous sea snails and sea weeds such as mermaid’s necklaces, kelp, sea lettuce.
The tides affect erosion of coasts and the shape of beaches. If a storm, heavy rain and a high tide happen together, a beach can be completely destroyed or a lagoon breached.

The Moon has a powerful influence on us all.

Total Eclipse of the Moon

Wow! What an amazing night! I just saw a total eclipse of the moon and the moon turned blood red!

I have used a red moon as a symbolic image for monthly periods. Tonight I saw a real blood moon. It was fantastic and the colours were much more subtle than my artistic moon. So there really is such a thing as a blood red moon.

It still reminds me of women's periods, the passing months and the cycling blood.

The earth's shadow passed across the face of the full moon. It was dark and the full moon changed from white to blood red. It was very exciting to watch. See my new photo on the gallery page.