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Happy New Year!!
A new year is a good time to update my website and art photography.
I've built this new site as a showcase for my woman photography in 3 styles:
  • endometriosis
  • woman
  • artistic nudes
This is an updated site with galleries.
This site is undergoing updating and is now responsive to mobile phones, tablets and iPads. Unfortunately, it will take a little longer for me to update the galleries on this site, so I created a new site.
I've posted some new work, so go and have a look.

My new website

For several years I have been on the email list of Matt Branding at Global Eye Images. Over this time he has given me many tips on how to improve my photography and recommended ebooks or .pdf books to read on various photography topics. He shares a lot of information about his experiences with photography and how the digital age has impacted on the photography industry. He runs a successful stock photography business.

Recently, Matt Branding introduced me to new website package designed especially for photographers that his team has put together. I was somewhat skeptical about the idea at first as the site is built using WordPress and I had no experience in WordPress ( is built using RapidWeaver). But I was curious about a site that was built with photographers’ needs in mind.

Well, I took the plunge and bought the package and, with the aid of the comprehensive tutorials and manuals, I built my new site. When I made mistakes, the support was prompt and friendly. It would have cost an absolute fortune to pay a technician to build without this package.

It is with great pleasure I present:
Exploring ecology and spirituality with photography and commentary.

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